During my time with ForeFlight, I had the opportunity to develop and execute a unified Design System, work on data heavy mobile applications, translate mobile designs to WEB and resolve countless of PR design requests. 
The projects that I am mostly proud of were the ones that took enormous executive and development pushback in terms of the design and a strong perseverance and creative thinking to make these projects cross the finish line. ForeFlight gave me the opportunity to promote personal work that I truly enjoyed crafting and some of it can be seen in Visuals page in this portfolio, other such as icons, graph and more can be seen in the actual projects.
Case Studies
Pilots are obligated to calculate the aircraft weights precisely in order to assure that their planes will be able to takeoff or land safely with all passengers and cargo on board. ForeFlight bought third party weight calculator and merged it into the ForeFlight app ecosystem alongside the company other pilot oriented solutions around 2015.
ForeFlight product had component libraries with styles spread over multiple mediums and teams have to re-invent the wheel on every project. As the product continue to scale and adds more features, it was more than imperative to create structure. This is a story of how I created this structure.
Files in Flights (coming soon)
Pilots communicate with the airport or other airline authorities and during these exchanges a lot of documents gets created. ForeFlight's documents feature, which served the purpose of a giant archive of knowledge and we needed to revisit that concept in order to integrate that somehow into the filing flow.
Alternate Advisor (coming soon)
Alternate advisor is simply the process of selecting an alternate route to your main destination. The alternate advisor would show you possible route option and let you choose the best one depending on your flight criteria. This case study improves the existing route functionalities and add the ability to add additional alternates to your main.

SentryPlus(coming soon)
ADS-B devices are nowadays required in the flight cockpit. ForeFlight portfolio of hardware products expanded to create the next generation in their hardware line by adding a Display to one of them. Case study showing my thought process and sketches toward a final design.
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