I embarked on my design journey as a photographer, honing my skills in crafting website portfolios and exploring the interplay of light with materials and shapes. As I pursued a doctorate, faced with the choice between a career in science or art, I chose to meld my engineering prowess with my artistic sensibilities. This fusion led me to create products that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

My path as a designer has been significantly shaped by my experience in developing design systems for various organizations. It brought me closer to my engineering roots, and in retrospect, I realize it's where I thrive the most. I draw inspiration from contemporaries, especially those proficient in both motion and architecture. The guiding principle in my life and career is simplicity – if something doesn't make life easier, it's likely making it harder.

In my downtime, I'm an avid mountain enthusiast, carving turns on my snowboard at the mountain top. Alternatively, you might find me in the depths of the sea, exploring underwater realms as a rescue diver. Constantly seeking new horizons, I consider myself a never-ending learner and an ardent explorer.

Beyond my design endeavors, I invest my free time in mentoring, aiming to inspire and create connections with individuals breaking into the field or seeking guidance in their journey. Sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the design community is a passion that complements my commitment to design excellence.

My expertise lies in UX research, interviews, crafting protocols, and data mining. As a design system producer, I navigate web and mobile technologies such as React, Swift, JavaScript, and Git. What truly motivates me is the impact of my work and the feedback received, whether positive or negative, after a design is shipped. It's the tangible connection with users that fuels my passion for design, making each project a meaningful journey.
Dish | Sling Video Services 
Senior designer​​​​​​​ for Android TV

End-to-end design for Dish Android TV guide, consisting of user research and usability studies. Built the first design system for Dish TV and established cross-product collaboration with Sling & Marketing. Developed and engineered dev pipelines for managing design tokens.
Senior designer​​​​​​​

User experience and strategy for various projects under the BrightWay card business. Design contributions: Launching the BrightWay secure card; Maintenance & contribution to the BrightWay design system; Cross-selling of loans into a card-focused application; Mentored junior designers and established work processes.
Product designer & Design System producer

Worked on the creation and implementation of the ForeFlight design system as well on end-to-end product design on iOS (mobile & iPad) and Web.
Product designer & Founder

Designed digital experiences for clients Zenus, Wayakit & Chaparral plumbing
Master in Applied physics​​​​​​​
Bachelor in Fundamental physics